VidaRock FAQ

, the Fusion of Art and Engineering.

VidaRock ceramic reef rock opens the door to an unmatched aquatic experience. It optimizes biofiltration, offers amazing aquascaping opportunities and is an eco-sensitive solution to live rock harvesting.  VidaRock offers a host of other benefits to reef keepers as well.


Won't Affect Water Chemistry

Fired to high temperatures in the manufacturing process it is delivered in a near sterile and inert condition.  Undesirable “hitchhiker” organsisms common to live rock are never introduced into your aquarium.  Manufactured in a controlled environment from materials tested before and after firing for purity and stability, VIDA ROCK is non-reactive and will not leach elements & compounds that affect water chemistry. 

Bio Active



Fish waste and decaying organic matter produce ammonia which if not removed from the aquarium can be toxic to aquarium livestock.  Biological filtration is the process by which specialized bacteria convert toxic ammonia into less toxic forms of nitrogen.  These bacteria are found occurring naturally in marine and fresh water ecosystems where ammonia is present.

The efficiency of the biological filtration process is dependent on bacteria populations, pH, temperature, flow rate and oxygen availability.  These specialized bacteria need a surface to attach to where they can multiply.  VidaRock was purposely designed and engineered with a specific internal porosity and micro-structure to support maximum bacteria populations responsible for biological filtration.  VidaRock’s specialized highly textured surface provides additional bacteria attachment sites.  Taken together VidaRock's specialized porosity and surface area allow rapid bacteria colonization and in a short time will grow into a natural biological filter of amazing biological density. 


Take a Closer Look

Bacteria Attachment Surface 2500X Pore Size Distribution 150X Interconnecting Pore Space 500X


Improved Water Flow

Our “open” ceramic reef rock structures are designed to improve water flow throughout the aquarium which aides in water filtration and helps mimic real marine environments.



Common Questions

What is Vida Rock Made From?

Vida Rock is made from clay, like brick or tile or pottery, but engineered and manufactured with a high porosity to enhance biological filtration.  It is fired at high temperatures causing the clay to vitrify.  

Do I need to soak/cure VidaRock before placing in my tank?

No. It is a good idea to rinse it off, but it can be put directly into the tank without affecting water chemistry.   


Will VidaRock become live rock?

With the introduction of marine organisms into your tank, VidaRock will be colonized and become live. 

Will coralline algae grow on Vida Rock?

Yes.  VidaRock has a weathered coral texture that makes for an ideal surface for attachment of marine organisms and algae.  VidaRock is made with a fired-on corralline colored pigment so it looks like real live rock until the algae grows and covers it.

 Can I introduce VidaRock into an established tank?

Yes.  You can add VidaRock at anytime, which over time will increase the biological filtration capacity of the tank.


Can I swap VidaRock for live rock in an established tank?

When placed in the tank it will take some time for VidaRock to acquire its Biological filtration capacity (become live).  It may be necessary to establish VidaRock (make live) before removing your established live rock.  One way of doing this, if the tank has a sump, is to place the live rock one desires to remove in the sump for a time while the VidaRock become live, or colonize the VidaRock in the sump before removing all the live rock.


Will VidaRock dissolve in a marine environment (salt water)?

No. VidaRock will not deteriorate in marine aquariums or fresh water.