Detox Blox FAQ

Detox Blox is a porous ceramic material that combines surface area and water passing capabilities, making it unmatched for providing biological filtration within a small volume of material. Firing of the ceramic materials at high temperature results in an inert and strong material with impact resistance which will not degrade and become mushy over time as some ceramic foams do. Detox Blox can also be easily cut or shaped with abrasive and diamond tools to create custom shapes, sizes, and sculptures. Detox Blox has performed in aquarium, pond, and industrial applications in both test and actual environments since it's introduction in 2013.  Monitoring of water in these systems show that removal of ammonia and nitrites to imperceptible levels can be easily accomplished.  In test environments reduction of nitrates has also been observed.










Advantages of Detox Blox


Detox Blox can be manufactured in many shapes and can be used in cannister filters, sumps, and various other types of filters.   Aquarium sand beds can be replaced with Detox Blox panels to accomplish a "bare"  or "minimalist" look which creates a hard surface floor which facilitates easier detritus removal.  Detox Blox panels can also be used to cover back walls, overflow covers and create partitions in aquariums and sumps.

Optimized Porosity and Surface Area

Detox Blox has an extremely high porosity and surface area per unit weight. It provides vast amounts of aerobic and anaerobic surface area for efficient bacterial colonization. It yeilds over 50,000 square feet of surface area per liter of medium.  

Water Passing Capabilities

Detox Blox has a pore structure engineered to distribute water flow through the media evenly.  This means that more water passes through more bacteria colonized pore space.



Other ceramic bio-foams and media's boast extremely high porosity and surface area, but unfortunately they are very fragile and degrade quickly once placed in the aquarium.  Once the cell structure of the media starts to breakdown the performance is dramatically reduced. Detox Blox ceramic is very impact and erosion resistant and be used in filter location with high water velocities and impact that may be encountered in trickling and shower filtration systems or in areas subject to water jets. This durable cell structure allows for a much longer and effective life of the ceramic bio media.


Common Questions

 How much Detox Blox do I need per gallon of water? We recommend 1 cubic inch of filter media per gallon,  ( One 6" x 6" x 2" block for every 70 gallons).  You can safely use more than the recommended amount of media as the bacterial colonization will be self limiting.