About Us

Reef building is our passion.  Nothing surpasses the wonder of participating with nature in creating a micro environment of life and color in a marine aquarium.   We've partnered with CeramEco and their team of engineers to bring you innovative reef structures made from VidaRock and Detox Blox ceramic materials.  Let us help provide the reef foundation that you and nature can build upon.  We're here to help you create your dream aquarium. 

We provide:

One-of-kind VidaRock Shapes

Most of the pieces stocked on our site are one-of-a-kind sculpted shapes. These typically are photographed with a blue background. Certain items like  magnetic shelves, frags plugs, etc. are molded items that are consistent in size and shape and are photographed with a white background.

Custom VidaRock Builds

We currently aren't doing custom VidaRock builds from scratch, but we are in the process of creating more complete aqua-scapes for various sized aquariums. Basically we take pre-made VidaRock shapes and arrange them in cool aquascapes and sell them as a ready to go aquascape. We'll be adding more of these to the site as we get more stock.

Custom Shape Requests

While we aren't making build-to-order shapes right now we would love to hear feedback on what shapes you are looking for so we can incorporate them into our future production plans. Submit shape and size requests here.