How to Aquascape with VidaRock

VidaRock lets you do what you do best, Reef Keeping!  Instead of spending your effort stacking, drilling, gluing and then re-stacking rocks you can focus on the host of other activities critical to cultivating a reef. Best of all you can pick the level of creative involvement in your reefscape by choosing one of the following options. 

Stand Alone Pieces:

Alot of our shapes are an aquascape all on their own.  For example, in a nano aquarium a single Bonsai, Grotto, Branch or Arch may be all you need for an awesome reef.  For  larger tanks one of our Centerpieces may fit just right and be all you need.

Combining Shapes:

Combining shapes is where the options become endless. Drawing from all the different rock shapes we offer you can create just about any reefscape you can imagine by setting pieces next to each other or stacking on on top of the other..  In the near future we'll be posting videos of lots of different ways to combine VidaRock pieces to create stunning aquariums.


Complete Aquascapes:

With our curated selection of Complete Aquascapes we have already combined different shaped rocks together to create ready-to-go WYSIWYG reefs.  Just browse the collection of scapes that will work well with your aquarium.  We plan to add more ready-to-go Complete Aquascapes right away so thanks for you patience as we get going. 


We want feedback...

Last but not least, we'd love to hear feedback on what VidaRock shapes and sizes you are looking for.  We can then incorporate these suggestions into our production plans for individual pieces and complete aquascapes.  You can submit a size, shape or tank size request here.