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  • Filter Media
  • Accessory Pieces

    Includes VidaRock Barnacles and handcrafted ceramic driftwood – both are ideal for small animal habitats and aquarium accents.

  • VidaRock Artisan Shapes

    Artisan VidaRock shapes, or a combination of these ready-made, pre-sized shapes will visually revitalize your whole tank.
    Available in 7 unique shapes: Arch, Bonsai, Column, Cobble, Grotto, Knife, Plate

  • VidaRock Bargain Corner

    We purchase unclaimed/repaired/seconds/overstocked VidaRock pieces from the manufacturer and pass the savings on to you. Repairs are not apparent when algae grows and covers the piece. Seconds may have discolorations or superficial cracks that also are not apparent when algae covers the piece.

  • VidaRock Centerpieces

    VidaRock custom pieces create a unique and striking display. View our gallery of custom pieces or contact us for customized services.

  • VidaRock Frag Supplies

    Including frag stations and plugs.

    • Frag Plugs

      VidaRock frag plugs in 1, 1.5 and 2″ diameter and coralline square plugs

    • VidaRock 12 Hole Frag Stations

      A perfect solution for showcasing your corals! The VidaRock 12 Hole Frag Station is free standing and measures 10 to 12-inches across.