VidaRock FAQs



Below is a list of frequently asked questions.  Please contact us if you have an additional questions about our products.

What is Vida Rock?

Vida Rock is made from clay, like brick or tile or pottery, but engineered and manufactured with a high porosity to enhance biological filtration.  It is fired at high temperatures causing the clay to vitrify.


Do I need to soak Vida Rock before placing in my tank?

No. It is a good idea to rinse it off, but it can be put directly into the tank without affecting water chemistry.


How are the various shapes made?

Vida Rock pieces are handmade.  Each piece is hand molded by a Cerameco artisan.  As a result no pieces will be alike.


Will VidaRock leach anything into the water?

No.  VidaRock is inert and is like putting a piece of glass in your tank.  If it is clean, it will not affect water chemistry at all.


Will VidaRock change the PH of my tank?

No.  VidaRock is inert and will not affect water chemistry.  However, as VidaRock becomes colonized with bacteria it will aid in biological filtration.


Will VidaRock become live rock?

With the introduction of marine organisms into your tank, VidaRock will be colonized and become live within a short time.


Will coralline algae grow on Vida Rock?

Yes.  VidaRock has a weathered coral surface that makes for rapid and secure attachment for marine organisms and algae.  Maintaining proper water chemistry will greatly affect how quickly coralline algae will grow.


Can I introduce VidaRock into an established tank?

Yes.  You can add VidaRock at anytime, which over time will increase the biological filtration capacity of the tank.


Can I swap VidaRock for live rock in an established tank?

When placed in the tank it will take some time for VidaRock to acquire its Biological filtration capacity (become live).  It may be necessary to establish VidaRock (make live) before removing your established live rock.  One way of doing this, if the tank has a sump, is to place the live rock one desires to remove in the sump for a time while the VidaRock become live, or colonize the VidaRock in the sump before removing all the live rock.


Will VidaRock dissolve in a marine environment (salt water)?

No. VidaRock will not deteriorate in marine aquariums or fresh water.


Is VidaRock economical?

Yes.  Because of its optimized porosity, Vida Rock will give you approximately 1/3 more volume per pound than typical live rock. Vida Rock is also sold dry so you do not pay for water weight.


Additional Questions? 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with additional questions.  To learn more about the benefits of CeramEco’s VidaRock you might also like to visit the manufacturers website at