Aquascaping Tips

Whether you are adding to an existing tank set-up or starting from scratch, AQUA-TECTURE.COM  is your doorway to Cerameco’s VidaRock:  eco-friendly, one of a kind, hand built aquarium art. 

Combining the artistic with high-tech ceramic engineering, the VidaRock product line by Cerameco unleashes the aquascaper’s creative ability and provides a new world of aquascaping possibility. 

Wondering where to start in selecting a product? 

A VidaRock Artisan Shape or a combination of these pre-sized, ready-made pieces may be all you need for a pico, nano or medium size tank set-up.  If you are augmenting an existing tank, the right piece can visually revitalize your whole tank.  VidaRock Artisan Shapes are available in 7 unique shapes: Arch, Bonsai, Column, Cobble, Grotto, Knife and Plate.

If you find the VidaRock Artisan pieces too small or your needs require customization, you may find the right piece in our gallery of VidaRock Center Pieces which are made to our specifications.  

If you are still looking for that “just right” piece or want to take advantage of our full customized set-up services, we can help you accomplish your aqua-scaping dreams.  Let us know what you want to build and we can work together along with Cerameco’s staff to provide pricing and satisfaction guarantees, as you create your one-of-a-kind aquascape.

If you are in need of coral propogation products, the VidaRock Frag Plugs/Discs  incorporate several unique features.  From the weathered coral surface, ideal for gluing, to the snap off stem for added placement flexibility you’re sure to love the “better plug”.  We also offer the 12-hole VidaRock Frag Station, an equal partner to the frag plug.  No two stations are ever alike.

If you are looking to add flare to your aquarium, visit our collection of Accessory Pieces.  From ceramic drifters to VidaRock barnacles, you can create ideal fish and critter hideouts and personalize your tank right here.

We are happy to email you a picture of your prospective purchase and verify size if space is tight. 

Let us know what we can do to help you achieve your aquascaping dream!